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Like the rest of Team Stupid, you may find that on examining all of the options, you decide that the most effective thing you can do to help stop catastrophic climate change is to get involved with the Not Stupid campaign itself. You’d be very welcome. We haven’t got much in the way of resources or manpower, but we’re a dedicated team of hard grafters with a red hot strategy for success – and we’re always looking for helping hands. Whether you have an hour on a Tuesday evening or 3 months of your gap year to spare, we can definitely saddle you up with a task to suit. Please, just get in touch – it could be the start of something beautiful. Email to get involved.


If you’re even medium cash-rich but time-poor, Not Stupid could be the right thing to chuck money at during 2009. We’re masters of the art of blagtastic shoestring campaigning, so we’ll really make your money go a long long way, if you give us any. Donate here.


Like the excellent organisations linked to at the bottom of our the Not Stupid site, you too could persuade your NGO or campaign group to become an official supporter of Not Stupid. Find out more here.


Making social change happen is all about communication and engagement. We've got umpteen cunning ways up our sleeves to let people know about The Age of Stupid and the Not Stupid mission... Look up our sleeves here.


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