Help Piers

The time is now to support progressive energy solutions in this country. The NIMBY's will try and stop us, but people like Piers must succeed. Help him out below, by signing the letter of support to the planning committee who will decide whether to approve the windfarm proposal featured in The Age of Stupid.

Airfield Farm Proposal Details

Piers' original proposal has now been pared down to only three 126.5 metre-high turbines, with a total generating capacity of 6MW. The windfarm should produce about 14,000 Megawatt-hours of electricity each year - the equivalent of around 3000 homes' annual electricity use - thereby saving around 5 - 12,000 Tonnes of CO2 each year. No mean feat. To find out more about this and other windfarm projects being proposed by Piers' company, visit


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